Kyushu Wacoal Nagasaki Plant: The process of making a bra


The following is an overview of the processes implemented at the Kyushu Wacoal Nagasaki Plant, which is Wacoal's primary bra production plant.

The process of manufacturing and delivering our bras


1) Preparing the materials


First, a set of materials required to make a bra are put together in preparation. This set includes fabric, lace, parts, etc.
・A set of parts is put together including straps, hooks, and wires.
・Tag to be sewn in is also prepared as part of the set.

2) Fabric stretching


Fabric wrapped over a long tube is rolled out and layered in the number of pieces required. These pieces are cut at the same time.
・The rolled-out fabric is straightened out with a large tool similar to a ruler to keep it wrinkle-free.

3) Cutting


A pattern is placed on the fabric, and then the fabric is cut. Processes such as attaching small and complicated parts as well as cutting delicate lace are done by hand.
・Using a computer, pattern parts are laid out efficiently for the design process.


First a cutting mold is prepared. We have professional artisans who create the molds for parts required in bra-making by hand.These molds are used similarly to cookie cutters to create the desired shapes.


・The fabric is cut by placing a fretsaw-like tool on the fabric.
・Lace fabrics are cut by hand.

4) Sewing


Cut fabric and lace are forwarded to the respective overseeing professionals working on the different parts of the process. Each item is sewn by machine using a relay system.
・A bra is comprised of 40 or more parts. It takes about 20 different processes and approximately 25 minutes to make one item.
・Our bras are made by sewing professionals able to work on the sewing machine with superior concentration.


The bra is complete!

5) Inspection


Each individual item is inspected thoroughly to ensure that it meets our standards.
・We check 25 criteria on our inspection checklist. Each individual item is inspected at the rapid pace of two minutes each.

6) Shipment


A label is attached to items that pass our strict inspection process. These items are then shipped.