Since the Wacoal Human Science Research Center was established in 1964, our focus has been on women's bodies, and we continue to conduct basic research on the three aspects of beauty, comfort, and health,.We take annual measurements of some 1,000 women ranging in age primarily from their late teens to their 60s.Wacoal has amassed data on a total of more than 40,000 people.Precisely because we have collected data women's bodies from the time they are children through their latter years, we have been able to develop a vast array of products.

Research on the Concept of Shape ~Assessing shapes with all five senses~


At the Wacoal Human Science Research Center, our research is based on the Martin measurement method, which is a system utilized around the world.
In addition, Wacoal's research teams have worked to boost precision levels in assessing shapes, developing measurement methods using cutting-edge technologies such as lasers that take rapid measurements without touching the body, non-contact three dimensional measurement devices that analyze statistics in three-D, and more.
Despite the development of new measurement equipment, the Martin measurement method continues to comprise the basis of measurement in our research.

Our Research on the Science of Movement ~Developing the concept of better and better movement in undergarments~


The foundation of Wacoal's product development is the concept of creating underwear that moves freely with the human body.
The Wacoal Human Science Research Center studies motion of the human body from two different perspectives: external movement including form and physical action, and internal movement including of the bones, muscles, etc.
Our research has yielded such results as bras that do not slip out of place, even during movement.
We are engaged in research and development that focuses on physical movement, including products that reduce muscle fatigue by supporting muscles during exercise, products that increase stable range of motion by supporting the joints, and more.

Research on Comfort ~The concept behind our undergarments is that you should be more comfortable wearing them than not wearing them! ~


A key question is exactly what people consider pleasant and comfortable.
At the Wacoal Human Research Center, we develop garments that are pleasant and comfortable to wear based on the three stimuli of: heat, touch, and pressure.
For instance, even if a garment is warm, it cannot be considered "comfortable" if it is difficult to move in.
At Wacoal, we test how garments can be worn on the body for comfort and warmth, but also how good they feel and how they fit against the skin. All of these considerations go into our new product development.

We've measured more than 40,000 individual bodies. ~WACOAL HUMAN SCIENCE RESEARCH CENTER~


The Wacoal Human Science Research Center utilizes the Martin measurement method, a system utilized around the world, to measure 158 points on the body.
Applying our very own methods of measurement, we measure some thirty points on the bust area alone.
In addition to the Martin measurement formula, we also use a variety of different types of measurement devices and equipment including silhouette analysis equipment and three-dimensional measurement equipment.

・The three-dimensional measurement equipment measures approximately 40,000 points on the human body in just five seconds.
・A mouse is hovered over the three-dimensional silhouette on the monitor to view the body from above, or analyze from the perspective of cross section, or from any angle desired including a 360 degree perspective.
・Our research teams measure women's bodies using a range of different devices, including equipment to measure bust intervals and a combined syringe-ruler type of device to measure bust height.


The company's "soft dummy" re-creates the bust's elasticity.
This model illustrates the differences between the typical elastic bust of a teenager verses that of a woman in her 30s, whose bust tends to be softer.

Wacoal continuously carries out comprehensive testing by varying factors such as temperature and humidity. ~Environmental laboratory~


In rooms with controlled temperature and humidity levels, we test criteria such as perspiration resulting from exercise in mid-summer, or how well body temperature is maintained by undergarments in colder weather.At times our researchers take out futons to test the comfort level of pajamas and other items, or they may engage in activities like repeated squats.
We conduct practical, hands-on research on the human body by observing how people walk and engage in other types of motion.We capture digital data of movements made by people in the laboratory, which is used to develop products that fit the body's different movements.


We measure pressure changes during movement.This information is utilized in the development of stockings, girdles, and more It's nicknamed "Beverly"!